Thursday, March 23, 2017

How To Create A Video Intro With Android

Are you looking for how to make a cool intro in your video?

Well, you have found the solution to your problem.

We watch videos on YouTube with the cool intro but we don't think we create
it too, because we don't have A knowledge on how to use After Effects or
Premiere and lot more,

I was planning on creating a new YouTube Channel when I learn about this cool
named LEGEND, Even by the name it proves that it is a cool app.

How hard is it
What I like about is that is user friendly (easy to used) and it gives you that cool motion
graphic you think you can't have, with just a few clicks.

Watch Video

Legend can save or export in two different formats which are below.

  • MP4 for video export
  • Gif which is used for animated image export


It's completely free and no watermark

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